Bank account: 123-15270257/0100 

 Prices below are indicative !
Each request is being processed individually !!!
HOURLY TIME PACKAGE offer includes car rental with a driver + distance travaled + waiting time + WiFi !!! 

Luxury cars - TIME PACKAGE :

Hour package = € 45 for every started hour.


  Alternatively price can be 25 CZK /Km up to 50 Km distance, 20 CZK/Km up to 100 Km distance, 15 CZK/ Km at distance over 100 Km + first 15 minutes free and then 100 CZK/20 min. waiting time.

Pick up anywhere in Czech Republic free of charge. 
Pick up out of Czech Republic only after prepayment of   50 % of deal !!! 

Business trips, conferences, weddings, trips, wellness stays, including one or more days and all other events : after entering your requirements !

COURIER TRANSPORT of VALUABLES in Czech Republic and the EU ( commercial contracts, shares, bills of exchange, cash and other shipments ) or with armed escort = by AGREEMENT - WITH a PRE-SET FIXED PRICE !!!

Cars of higher class : TAXI service 25 CZK/Km or price by agreement.

You can also pay with your bank card as we have terminals in every car !

For company customers we offer invoice payment !

For long terms customers we can offer better prices ! 

All prices above include VAT !!!
LuxWay Ltd. reserves the right to change price during the trip !!!